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“Respect knowledge, respect talents and people first” is SAJ’s talent concept. SAJ dedicates to providing a sound development platform for all staff and creating good growth conditions and multi-channel career development routes for them, to achieve win-win results for both employees and the organization. SAJ welcomes you with strong aspiration to challenge these positions and is waiting for you!
R&D Center
Hardware testing engineer
Position responsibilities:
1. Testing of control panel procedures and mass production procedures;
2. Testing of accreditation of converters & inverters at home and abroad;
3. Sporadic works such as improving temperature, panel welding and maintenance.

1. Experience in testing complete machine of products;
2. Familiar with testing equipment for DC power, AC power source, oscilloscope and power meter.
Hardware engineer
Position responsibilities:
1. Be in charge of design of AC drive products plan, selection of parts, design of schematic diagram, controlling of PCB layout, assistance of production procedures, commissioning of hardware parts, etc.;

1. With Bachelor degree or above and science & technology education background;
2. With more than 3 years of experience in electric or power development such as hardware development, development of power sources, inverters, converters, electric vehicle controller and UPS;
3. Familiar with analog circuit, digital circuit, with basic power switch knowledge and know about EMC & safety rules;
4. Familiar with converters, topology of products such as UPS; proficiency in using AD or PADS circuit drawing software; be able to use testing instruments such as oscilloscope and power analyzer;
5. Be interested in electric products, active in work and with good communication & learning competence.
Software engineer
Position responsibilities:
1. In charge of software function development of the AC drives;
2. Be responsible for maintenance and optimization of the old products;
3. Sorting and archiving the software development technical documents & materials.

1. With Bachelor degree or above, majoring in electric engineering & automation;
2. Familiar with basic principles of AC drives & inverters and with a certain motor control theory basic knowledge;
3. Applicant with experience in automatic controlling will be preferred;
4. 3 years of experience in software development;
5. Familiar with embedded software development procedures, expertize in C/C++, familiar with SCM C language programming and relevant interfaces;
6. Expertise in development platforms such as DSP, ARM and STM32.
Marketing center
Before-sale/After-sale technical support engineer
Position responsibilities:
1. Make production training documents & materials; carry out after-sale technical support training and users-terminal training;
2. Assist regional technical supporter to solve before-sale/after-sale problems;
3. After-sale problems analysis report and rectification following;
4. Be in charge of collecting and sorting case documents & materials on site;
1. Junior college education background or above, majoring in automation, mechatronics, electrical engineering or relevant majors;
2. Familiar with power dragging control wiring lines, the motor structure and application of electric industry;
3. Familiar with application of inverters, converters, etc.;
4. Familiar with drawing electric controlling diagram with CAD and being able to complete works such as design, programming and commissioning of automatic controlling system.
Sales engineer/Regional sales manager
Position responsibilities
1. Take charge of sales work of invers/AC drives and other renewable energy products in different regions and make efficient execution to reach sales targets;
2. Lead development of new clients in the regions in charge and keep the old clients. Keep good communication with clients to create a close relationship with them;
3. Make channel analysis through market investigation to find new channels, blank market and new project opportunities;
4. Collect information on market and relevant competitive products such as products and prices of competitors in various channels in the industry and make feedback and summary in time;
5. Follow the returning of goods payment and deal with clients’ complaints flexibly; keep communication with relevant departments to improve internal relationships and ensure clients’ satisfaction as well;
1. With Junior college or above and an education background in science & technology or applicants with rich sales experience will not be limited in major;
2. More than 3 years of industrial experience in inverters, industrial controlling, solar power or relevant experience are preferred;
3. With strong market development and analysis ability and good client service consciousness, with strong responsibility sense and can bear heavy work pressure;
4. Open in personality, with acuteness and strong expression ability, as well as communication capability, skills and amiability.
Network technology center
JAVA development engineer
Position responsibilities:
1. Complete brief design and development of cloud system and functional modules of the company;
2. Assist department manager to complete IT project function analysis, software design and development tasks of the company;
3. Make systematic plan design for new software application system, design & development of architecture and modules and select proper hardware & software system ad complete relevant documents & materials;
4. Design software application system database and cooperate with relevant colleague to complete programming, testing, implementation and training of the system;
5. Manage and maintain business software system of the company.

1. With a bachelor degree or above and majoring in computer application technologies or related;
2. More than 3 years of java language development experience, excellent database design and system design capability, strong logic analysis ability and able to finish a complete systematical technical plan design independently;
3. Familiar with mainstream front-end and back-end development language and architecture such as H5/CSS3, JS, Bootstrap and proficient in operation & maintenance of databases such as mysql, oracle and servers;
4. With development experience in Web MVC, such as Struts, Spring, Hibernate, MyBaits; proficient in Web systematic architecture and design mode based on Java;
5. Master technologies such as buffer memory and message queuing and learn about Hadoop technology.
Embedded software development engineer
Position responsibilities:
1. Assisting to organize and make technical plans;
2. Embedded software development, procedures optimization & upgrading and codes maintenance;
3. Digital program design and circuit commissioning of projects;
4. Assisting to complete sample machine commissioning and direct import of production;
5. Design of output products and relevant technical documents & materials;
6. Collaborate with other colleague to achieve team targets.

1. Majoring in computer, electronic information, electric engineering & automation or other relevant majors and more than 3 years of embedded software development experience;
2. Familiar with using C language and ARM Cortex M3/M4 platform software development;
3. Familiar with UCOS-II or FreeRTOS embedded operation system;
4. Familiar with embedded web protocol LWIP and Ethernet application & development, with experience in embedded GUI development and bottom drive development.
Manufacturing center
Process engineer
Position responsibilities:
1. Make standard operation procedures (SOP);
2. Deal with abnormalities and other problems in production lines;
3. Make working procedures of non-standard products;
4. Take in charge of procedure management and standards assigned to others by PCBA;
5. Be responsible for improvement of working tools and working methods;
6. Carry out training for workers on production lines about working methods and common problem solutions.
1. Junior college or above education background, majoring in electric engineering, electronics and industrial engineering or related; with more than 2 years of experience as a process engineer in electronic or electric company;
2. Familiar with switch power source circuit principles, working process of electronic or electric company and compiling method of SOP or related tips; familiar with use of tools such as electric screwdriver, soldering iron and universal meter;
3. With good communication & expression ability and be able to communicate and coordinate well about working methods and abnormalities in the production lines; be familiar with office automation software; with fundamental network knowledge, strong responsibility sense, team spirit and obey relevant management.
Campus Recruitment
We sincerely invite fresh graduates to recommend themselves to work at our positions on R&D, production, sales, after-sale service and office functions. Warmly welcome you with targets and aspirations to join SAJ. We will tailor cultivation plan to you and provide complete support for your career development to help you to become an elite in the position or industry by combining both management development and technology development!
Positions on R&D
With a Bachelor Degree and majoring in science and technology related subjects such as mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electronics, electrical engineering, computer software & communications
Consultation hotline:020-66608585
Positions on technical support
With a junior college or above education background, majoring in science and technology related subjects such as automation, mechatronics, electrical engineering, etc.
Consultation hotline:020-66608585
Positions on sales & office functions
With a junior college or above education background, not limited in major
Consultation hotline:020-66608585
Recruitment of talents overseas
Products of SAJ have been widely sold over the world, covering markets in more than 30 countries, including Australia, Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, etc.; meanwhile, SAJ has established Subsidiary in Belgium in 2013 and our internationalization has been promoted faster, so we urgently need overseas local talents with international visions and overseas sales experience or Chinese overseas returnees with industrial experience who can be capable of positions such as product R&D, marketing and management. We warmly welcome overseas talents to join us! We want you!
International business specialist
Position responsibilities:
1. Deal with orders from Belgium Subsidiary and other foreign clients;
2. Collect market information and collaborate with market activities promotion of the company;
3. Finish other work items assigned by leaders of the company.
1. With a Bachelor degree or above and applicant with English major are preferred;
2. Familiar with culture in English speaking countries, excellent in E-C & C-E translation, and competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing;
3. Applicants with TEM-8 certificate or IELTS≥6.5 are preferred;
Those who are familiar with the PV and industrial controlling industry are preferred.
Foreign trade salesperson
Position responsibilities:
1. In charge of developing market clients and distributor channels in the regions required;
2. Collect market information, information demanded by clients and industrial policies and make periodical reports;
3. Organize and participate in promotion activities such as exhibitions.
1. With foreign trade working experience of more than 2 years and familiar with the PV industry;
2. Overseas local talents shall be with a certain sales experience in the industry or can undertake business trips overseas, and applicants with overseas education background and working experience are preferred;
With excellent communication & negotiation ability and excellent foreign language competence.
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