Small and medium commercial PV projects cases of SAJ Electric have been advertised recently, fully showing fame in the industry. Moreover, it has been estimated that the attraction of small and medium commercial PV projects is increasingly strengthened as one of the key parts in the industry. The intention of small and medium commercial PV projects owners has also become stronger.

It’s painful to remove subsidy. Small and medium commercial projects are the only batch of projects to realize a certain income without subsidy index. However, this kind of projects of good quality are relatively few. With impact of the 5.31 New Announcement, intention of some owners to install these type of PV projects has also been affected. They need some time to obtain these projects. Patience in waiting will finally pay.

Here we’re embracing the end of this year again and subsidy policy for the next year will be released. From the recent news, there is still some subsidy index for distributed PV projects and the subsidy reduction process will become smoother. All above is good news for people concentrating on distributed PV development and installation.


01 Relatively high revenue

Speaking of small and medium commercial projects, we generally plan them as projects of size smaller than 1MW but larger than 100KW. Such kinds of projects are very common and widely exist in industrial parks and industrial areas. Power consumption in many small and medium enterprises is relatively more. Take the 800 m2 cooling warehouse project in Wuhan as an example, the revenue amounts to 10% under the condition without subsidy, fully accords with the standards for project investment.

Of course, high quality projects with an income higher than 10% are relatively few. It’s difficult to develop projects of those kinds recently and people still need time to gain similar projects.


02 Relatively high development efficiency

There is another advantage for this kind of small and medium rooftop projects — policy makers of small and medium enterprises are comparatively simple and you don’t need to find too many intermediaries. You could have face-to-face talk with the bosses. Installation may be confirmed as long as you’ve persuaded the bosses. Comparatively speaking, for large commercial rooftop projects or rooftop projects contracted by state-owned enterprises, the relationships and procedures may be too complicated. So development efficiency of small and medium commercial projects is relatively higher.

But development of those projects in batches could be promoted and introduced by government leaders in the development zone. So the resource and advantages could be fully made use of, and development of small and medium commercial projects can for reputation advantage quickly.


03 Strong awareness of Owners

Horizon of small and medium commercial PV projects owners is often wide and they have strong awareness on PV projects. So they could fully understand revenue ways of PV projects. Moreover, the economic environment sounds not good recently and it’s especially tough for the real economy. The profit may be very low if investment is put into the real economy. Comparatively speaking, PV power generation belongs to a kind of one-time investment, which will gain stable cash flow in the next 25 years, sounding extremely treasurable for enterprises. Many enterprises just concern much on stable revenue of PV industry.

Small and medium commercial PV projects owners group is very strong and they have strong awareness on this industry. As long as we just continue to promote PV industry honestly, they will have strong intention to install those projects. This is just the hope for rejuvenation of PV industry in the next one or two years.