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Product: VM1000H-4T5R5




Parameter codes Para.description                       Para. value          Para. significance

F0.01           Command source selection                         1                External terminal start

F0.03           Main frequency source X selection             7                Given by simple PLC

F0.18           Acceleration time 1                                    17.5             Acceleration 17.5s

F1.10           Stopping mode                                             1                Free stopping

FD.00           Multi-stage speed order 0                     60.0                60% of the max. speed(30Hz)

FD.01           Multi-stage speed order 1                      80.0               80% of the max. speed(40Hz)

FD.02           Multi-stage speed order 2                      86.0               86% of the max. speed(43Hz)

FD.16           Simple PLC operation mode                  1                   Final value remains upon end of the operation

FD.17         Simple PLC power lost memory selection  00             Without memory when stopping; without memory when power is off

FD.18           0 phase running time of PLC                     1.0              0 phase running time of PLC is 1 min.

FD.20           1 phase running time of PLC                     1.0              1 phase running time of PLC is 1 min

FD.50           PLC running time unit                                     2                 In minutes

Application characteristics:

Spinning machine is a kind of equipment in textile industry. In operation it would produce lots of cotton fiber and dust, which will accumulate on the equipment and lead to reduction of heat dispersion of the equipment, causing overheat and aging of the equipment; meanwhile, they will be absorbed inside body of workers and may cause long-term bad effect on labor workers. So the spinning machine is added with dust exhaust fan. Application of this method could help greatly reduce cotton fiber and dust in air of the workshop. Adding with AC drive, the dust exhaust fan could reasonably control the air volume, reduce overall power consumption for operation of the equipment. Meanwhile, the soft-start performance of the AC drive would reduce impact to the power grid at the moment when the equipment is started.