1. check the parameter FA.18 fault current, if the FA.18 display current is more than 1.8 times the rated current of the frequency converter, it is a normal alarm.


2. check whether the ratio of the frequency converter and the power of the pump.


1) when the selected pump is a submersible pump or a plunger pump, the controller should enlarge one level.


2) when the motor line is longer than 50 meters, the controller needs to enlarge a level.


3) when the altitude of more than 1000 meters, each additional 100 meters, reducing the amount of 1% (lower frequency due to the cooling effect), after derating must reach (1), (2) requirements.


3. check whether the pump has been stuck. The motor can not turn in turn, which will cause the current to increase instantaneously, leading to the frequency conversion of the inverter.