Classical furniture has always been popular among the public. The delicate lines and patterns of the raw materials themselves and the delicate and smooth texture of the wood is irreplaceable by other materials.

Modern wood cutting machines - large automatic sawing machines can greatly improve processing efficiency. In some areas, there is already a complete wood processing industry chain to provide high quality and exquisite wood material for the market.

Some precious woods, such as nanmu and rosewood requires that the cutting device shall have sufficient rotation speed and torque. The rotation speed is to ensure the smoothness of the cutting surface and the strong torque to keep the cutting process smooth.

The SAJ Electric VM1000 AC drive series is applied to the saw spindle motor with large starting torque and stable output, to ensure smooth and powerful spindle saw blade. The section of cut wood is smooth, and the effect is highly recognized by customers.


Figure 1: Scene picture

Control principle and control method

The sawing machine control system can realize centralized control. The operator only needs to set the wood thickness and the maximum cutting stroke at the operating table, and the system automatically cuts in cycle. The cutting cycle steps include: prepare knife---lower knife table---cutting--- stop at limited original position ---receiving material---retracting--- prepare knife.


Sawing machine main structure

1. Machine platform: used for fixing the wood, the maximum processing length is about 8 m long, which meets the maximum length of general wood.

2. Flywheel: A large flywheel with a diameter of one meter is driven by a motor through a belt. The saw blade is fixed on the flywheel to synchronize the linear speed of the saw blade with the flywheel.

3. Elevator platform: The elevator platform mainly controls the cutting and descending stroke. The installed electronic micrometer controls the descending height. The elevator platform can be manually and automatically controlled to achieve zero error cutting in average, to ensure the uniform thickness of the wood after cutting.

4. After stop of each cutting, manually remove the wood, the system automatically lowers the knife table according to the setting data, to accurately and reliably realize the thickness of the cutting wood; or the cutting thickness can be manually set on the operation table.

AC drive control principle schematic diagram


Case advantages

1. VM1000 series AC drive is characterized with large starting running torque, ensuring the torque output of the device.

2. The VM1000 AC drive starts in acceleration and smoothly, avoiding the saw blade from breaking, to prolong the lifespan of sawtooth.

3. The AC drive has over-current and over-voltage protection to detect the running current of the motor in real time and protect the normal operation of the motor.

4. The starting current curve of the AC drive is gentle, which can help effectively avoid the impact on the grid voltage from the device.