In gloomy period, PV insiders are especially waiting for news about two aspects: one is the subsidy policy, another is the PV system cost. Any dynamics on these two aspects will touch nerve of PV insiders. The subsidy policy had been examined to be good in recent days. Contradictions appeared before had basically been alleviated. Another issue on system cost affecting PV insiders had also been stabilized last week, and we are confident that grid parity will come soon.

1.Leaders in PV Industry Consider that Subsidy Is Unnecessary in 2019


In the 2018 Development of Intelligent Energy Summit held several days ago, CEO of Xiexin Group Zhu Gongshan revealed that in the next year, wind energy and solar energy basically don’t need national subsidy anymore. As for Xiexin Group, from the silicon material, silicon wafer, modules, progress in each step of the system to business at the power station terminal, national subsidy won’t be needed anymore. We just estimate that large scale PV power plant projects in the next year could still be greatly developed even without national subsidy as long as the delivery difficulty is solved.

Whether leaders in PV industry have boasted or not, the fact is that cost of PV devices has been continuously falling and people have all witnessed this. And this trend is still continuing. Contribution of leaders in PV industry is great, as they just update the technology level continuously, to lead PV industry as a namecard of China and make grid parity come soon.

2.Longi has cut the price of silicon material 9 times in a year

Recently, price of silicon material just continue falling. On Oct. 22nd, Longi has cut the price of silicon material the 9th time. Price of low resistance monocrystalline silicon piece of 180μm in thickness has fallen by 3.17%, to 3.05 yuan/W, reducing by 0.1 yuan/W.

This piece of good news just have refreshed screen of mobiles of PV insiders. Many people may don’t have any direct feeling on price fluctuation of silicon pieces because it may require a certain period of time to the downstream of the industry. However, price of our modules has comparatively reduced much especially after the 5.31 New Announcement. There is just one step distance to grid parity and maybe this one step just depends on you to bridge.

3.Falling of PV system cost


Many PV insiders recently have returned back to commence PV project. Though the promotion is not as large as before, it’s feasible to continue normal operation. All this attributes to fast falling of PV system cost. It may cost 7 yuan or 8 yuan before, not cost only 4 yuan or 5 yuan. 

As for communication techniques of common citizens, we could tell them that it cost 8 yuan when there was national subsidy before, while it just cost 5 yuan now without subsidy. This just means all subsidy has been returned to citizens once. Actually preference for installing PV projects now is stronger.