From July 2 to July 4th, Global Solar + Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2018 was jointly organized by Leader Group and EESA (East China Energy Storage Alliance) at Yuluxe Sheshan, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Shanghai. Themed with “Energy storage, future of PV industry”, SAJ showed in this exhibition with Sunfree hybrid inverter and eSolar smart energy management system.

Energy storage and charging represents energy management way in the future. The eSolar smart energy management system was widely concerned in this congress in the industry and it provides practical experience for energy storage and development of PV industry.

SAJ Electric General Manager Mr. Ouyang Jiagan participated in high level entrepreneurs’ dialogue themed with “PV development road in the era of intelligentization”

SAJ Electric General Manager Mr. Ouyang delivered a speech on “PV energy storage leads the post-subsidy era of PV industry”.

SAJ Electric had won 3 great awards at this exhibition: Best Inudstrial/Commerical Energy Storage Projects of the Year, Best Energy Storage Invertor Suppliers of the Year and Most Promising Enterprises of the Year.

SAJ Electric and their products have been fully accepted and welcomed in this congress & exhibition. Among the products, Sunfree energy storage inverter, AC coupled inverter and eSolar smart energy management system have been widely recognized in the market. SAJ Electric will certainly become one of the leading enterprises in the energy storage + pv industry for its excellent brand and reliable products.