Modern transportation is increasingly convenient for travel. More and more people choose to soak in hot springs to relax and comfort themselves. Hot spring vacations are more and more popular, and hot spring vacations have become a popular choice for the mass to spend holidays. Whether the water supply devices and the power supply devices are complete and reliable has become a reference for customers to choose a hotel, and directly affects the consumer's intuitive experience, impression on consumption and evaluation.


More and more hotel customers choose 8200B AC Drive of SAJ Electric to meet the constant pressure water supply system requirements of the hotel. The 8200B AC Drive escorts the 24-hour water supply equipment of the resort hot spring hotel to ensure the normal operation of the hot and cold water circulation system. The 8200B AC Drive controller has realized constant pressure water supply with automatic starting and automatic sleep function, realizing constant pressure control of water supply system, setting pressure with one button, quick and convenient.


Fig. 1: 8200B application case scene picture

Working principle and control requirements

The system automatically maintains a constant water pressure based on the water usage of the room. When the pressure in the pipeline is lower than the starting pressure value, the AC Drive starts running and maintains the pipeline pressure. When there is no water in the room, the sensor detects that the feedback pressure of the pipeline system reaches the target set pressure, and the AC Drive enters the automatic rest mode and stops outputting. When the pipeline pressure is lower than the starting pressure value, the AC Drive wakes up and starts running. No water is used during the sleep process, and the inverter maintains a constant pipe pressure according to the set pressure value.

Control requirements: According to feedback of customers, the installation of traditional constant pressure system requires a special controller. The system is complicated and increases the cost. Some brand controllers will not be able to stop when they use a small flow of water or slowly close the water outlet valve.

AC Drive control schematic diagram:


AC Drive parameters setting


Plan characteristics

1. The AC Drive is easy to install and debug, and it supports the backpack easy installation, which minimizes the difficulty in installation maximally.

2. Ingress protection rating of AC Drive is IP65, with dustproof and waterproof function, which can help effectively avoid the AC Drive being damaged due to the humid environment and dust. Both outdoor & indoor installation are supported, which makes it more adaptable than ordinary AC Drives in the market.

3. The sleep rate of the AC Drive is adjustable. The four sleep modes of the AC Drive are more sensitive and effective. After a small amount of water, the valve is closed and the sleep is still sensitive, ensuring that the pump automatically sleeps and saves energy.

4. The AC Drive can support the extended function. The customer can expand multiple AC Drive according to the project conditions. Multiple online functions allow the AC Drive to achieve both regular alternate working mode function and the function of automatically increasing the pump and reducing the pump.

5. The AC Drive has self-detection function, and the overvoltage and overcurrent function ensures that the motor is protected when the motor is abnormal.

6. Wire break detection function can detect abnormal signal of the sensor, which is more intelligent and convenient for customer to realize system management.