On August 24th, China distributed PV application and development summit forum successfully completed. Experts from various institutions and enterprises have carried out full discussion on PV application and development under the era of grid parity of commercial distributed PV system. Moreover, during the forum, awarding ceremony on commercial distributed PV excellent enterprises and demonstration parks was held. General Manager of SAJ Electric was awarded with the honorary title as “China Commercial Distributed PV Leading Figure” and this has again enhanced influence of SAJ Electric in the industry!


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Ouyang Jiagan, General Manager of Guangzhou Sanjing Electric Co., Ltd (simply referred to as SAJ), instrument and apparatus senior engineer with a Master Degree in Control Theory and Control Engineering in Electronic and Information Engineering College in Shanghai Tongji University. Since joining SAJ in February 2011, Mr. Ouyang has ever worked in positions including R&D Director in New Energy Division Department, Director of Division Department, and Vice General Manager of Marketing Center. Currently he is General Manager of Guangzhou Sanjing Electric Co., Ltd, legal representative and General Manager of wholly-owned Belgium subsidiary of SAJ. 

Residential solar projects and small and medium commercial solar products are actively promoted by Mr. Ouyang Jiagan. With 2 years of efforts, he has successfully established different series of products such as R5 residential solar inverters, C5 small and medium commercial solar inverters and Sunfree energy storage solar inverters. Among them, C5 small and medium commercial solar inverters have gained TÜV Rheinland “All Quality Matters” Award.

Mr. Ouyang Jiagan actively explores and practices different business modes such as residential PV and small and medium commercial PV modes, and establishes eSolar ecological system focusing on customer value. Moreover, innovative shared operation and maintenance modes are put forward to solve distributed PV especially painful points in operation and maintenance of residential PV. With the aim of “more pv power generation, more profit”, he actively promotes healthy development of PV industry.

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Commercial three-phase PV grid-connected inverters are mainly applied in commercial rooftop PV power grid system, turning PV DC power into AC power and supplying the power to devices in the factory of sell to the power grid. Suntrio Plus 25K-60K series grid-connected inverters are known as high efficiency, convenient for installation, stable and reliable. And they are commercial solar inverters.