SAJ constant water supply fundamental principles

The system applies motor adjustment equipment to control the pump unit in running with adjustable speeds and complete loop control of the water supply unit, so that stable water supply pressure and energy saving could be achieved. The water supply pressure value arbitrarily set by the system and the actual pressure value responded by the pipe can be used to adjust the speed adjusting device after being adjusted by PID, so as to adjust the operation speed of the water pump unit and water supply pressure of the system. 

SAJ constant pressure water supply way

PLC + touch screen + frequency converter

The system applies PLC + touch screen + frequency converter combination way to achieve constant water supply. The pressure sensor of the system is connected to PLC. Through PLC programming, PID algorithm and switch between power frequency and conversion frequency of the pump could be achieved. The touch screen could be used for start/stop control of the pump, setting and monitoring of fundamental parameters of various frequency converters. The disadvantage is that the cost is high and control box has to be matched. Moreover, the connecting wires are complicated and hard to achieve. 

Constant pressure water supply controller + frequency converter

Constant water supply controller is to combine PLC with the touch screen. Except for the simple PLC function, it has controlling and monitoring functions. In constant water supply system, except that one controller could be used to drive several others, other functions such as regular working of pumps in turn can be achieved. The disadvantage is that professionals are needed to carry out maintenance. Moreover, circuit lines are complicated and cost is relatively high. 

Full frequency conversion water supply solutions

SAJ Electric provides professional full frequency conversion plan for the water supply system. All water pumps have used frequency converter to control and the occurrence of high current value in the process of switch between conversion frequency and work frequency is avoided. The water pump controller applies a backpack type and cabinet installing type. Complex circuit structure can be reduced and full conversion plan is used to reduce installation of power distribution elements. The system assembling is simple.

The water pump controlled is built-in with PID function, together with other functions such as water shortage warning, sensor warning, high voltage warning, pumps works in turn regularly, to ensure that the water supply system to work more stably. Compared with traditional constant water pressure supply way, the water pump controller is more stable, low in cost and more easily to be operated. It can truly realize that the system is in running state when water is used while the system is in sleep mode while water is not used. The PDG10 system water supplying products promoted latest uses cabinet installing way. The machine is standardly equipped with 485 interface and various function terminals. Its expansibility and practicability is strong. It’s going to be promoted to the market and worth attention of the public.