To improve residential PV installation quality, assist residential PV industry optimization and upgrading and welcome coming of the era of grid parity, the “Guardian” brand launch and Jingdong PV products business negotiation meeting was grandly held in Shanghai on Sept. 6th. As a party taking part in drafting the standard, SAJ Electric had been invited to attend this meeting, to carry out deep discussion on problems such as PV product service certification, residential PV relevant standards and integration of PV with energy storage. 

Birth of the 1st domestic residential PV standard

Residential Rooftop PV System Authentication Standard firstly made by China Quality Certification Center is the first industrial standard on residential PV system. Upon passing the authentication, the residential PV system could gain “guardian” brand. He Song, taking in charge of the testing of PV power stations of CQC, Xing Heping, CMO of CQC, Shi Lei, Minister of Solar Energy Department of CQC, introduced the standard content and connotation of the “guardian” brand from different perspectives. 

Awarding ceremony

During the meeting, Xing Heping presented awards to units taking part in compiling of the Residential Rooftop PV System Authentication Standard, including SAJ Electric. Deputy Director of Quality and Technology Department of CQC Liu Wenwen had given award certificates for compilers including Fangming, Pan Guangquan, He Song and Shi Lei. In the meeting, Secretary General of National Technical Committee on Solar Photovoltaic Energy System of Standardization Xiao Zhibin introduced IEC photovoltaic standards and relevant standards on residential photovoltaics.

Awarding on site

Honors of SAJ

As a professional manufacturer of residential solar inverters in inverter market, it’s an honor for SAJ Electric to participate in drafting of this standard. SAJ will continue to jointly promote coming of the grid parity era by serving the customers and the market with excellent inverter products.