SAJ new products are ready to be presented on the exhibition site from May 15th to 17th in Intersolar Europe 2019 in Munich. The new products include R5 residential solar inverter, H1 Hybrid Battery Inverter, S1 AC Retrofit Battery System and Export Limitation Device – eSolar LoRa Kit. 


Next, features of R5 residential solar inverter, H1 Hybrid Battery Inverter and S1 AC Retrofit Battery System are introduced as below:

R5 residential solar inverter

SAJ R5 residential solar inverter is featured as safe and efficient, intelligent power generation, etc. Among all SAJ R5 series inverters, R5-10K-T2 won the TÜV Rheinland PV Inverter for Home Use [10kw] AQM Award 2018.


R5 residential solar inverter features are presented as below:

1.Input performance

Start voltage is 180Vdc; minimum input voltage is 150Vdc. This performance will be better under weak light condition and the on-grid power generation time could be prolonged.

2.Output performance

Applying redundancy design and optimum software algorithm empowers it with 110% max output capacity. 


3.Thermal stability

It applies integrated die-casting molding and could be operated at extreme -40℃ condition while output will not reduce under high temperature (60℃) environment. 

4.Conversion efficiency

Innovative MPPT algorithm, with 99.9% MPPT efficiency, maximum conversion efficiency 98.53%. 

5.Power quality

Applies advanced weak grid adaptive algorithm, making the general harmonic distortion ≤2%.


H1 Hybrid Battery Inverter

With UPS function, switch time ≤ 10ms;

Easy setting of various working modes;

Wide input range of PV, MPPT and battery voltage;

Continuous 1-minute 150% overload output power;

Comfortable & noiseless.


With H1-10K-T2, the system could improve self-consumption rate and reduce electricity expense, and finally a balance could be realized.


S1 AC Retrofit Battery System (S1-3K-5.0) 

Quick storage retrofit on existing PV plants;

Compatible with all inverter brands;

Built-in 5kWh lithium battery (extendable);

With UPS function, switch time ≤ 10ms;

Easy setting of various working modes.


•In daytime, solar power supports the loads first while the surplus power will be stored by S1, to improve self-consumption rate.

•In peak power price hours, power from S1 supports the loads; while in valley power price hours, S1 is charged by the grid. Finally a balance could be realized.

•In case of grid fault, S1 will make sure no outage in the loads, achieving UPS function


Export Limitation Device – eSolar LoRa Kit

eSolar LoRa Kit include eSolar WiFi-LR and eSolar MeterS-LR. SAJ Sununo Plus inverters could be matched with this set of device to realize export limitation.


It’s featured as below:

Wi-Fi monitoring & export limitation;

Plug-in connection LoRa wireless communication;

Zero-export & real time adjustment;

App available for real time monitoring;

Support remote control.

The four new products presented as above fully show innovation power of SAJ, which will enhance SAJ’s competitiveness in the solar energy field in Europe and even globally. SAJ team are ready to welcome you at Hall B3, 209 on the Intersolar Europe 2019 exhibition site.