AC Drive
VM1000B series high performance general purpose AC drive
VM1000B series is a new high-performance open-loop vector general purpose AC drive. It can improve stability and reliability through technical upgrades and product optimization, to cope with various complex applications.
8000B Series General Purpose VFD 0.75—2.2KW、4—7.5KW
8000B series improved general purpose VFD is a set of new products with optimization based on 8000 series. Its performance has been greatly improved and become the best selection for mechanical performance speed controlling. This series of products is not only applicable to regular fans and pumps, but also applicable to the occasions with heavy load and fast response requirements.
8000m series economic converter 0.75~2.2kW.
Three crystal electrical set ten years of rich experience, combined with the general market demand, adopt new design concept, developed ATV13 series new generation economical small power inverter, more convenient debugging, efficiency is more outstanding, more reliable applications.
IDBU Break Unit
SAJ IDBU brake unit is easy to operate, with high reliability, and can be used with all frequency converters. It could be widely used in situations requiring frequency control of motor speed such as CNC machine tools, elevators, centrifuge, cranes and mining hoist.
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