Pump Drive
PDM20 Smart Pump Drive
PDM20 Smart Pump Drive Series product is a kind of integrated frequency controller suitable for all kinds of small single pump constant pressure water supply devices. Compact and delicate, the volume is only 45% of that of other series with the same specifications; IP65 protection, dustproof and waterproof; can be installed directly on the pump motor. It’s characterized with perfect single pump control function, easy operation, high reliability and good quality.
PD20 Smart Pump Drive
PD20 Smart Pump Drive Series is a new generation of high-end intelligent integrated ultra-high protection water supply special products independently researched & developed by SAJ. The product body is dustproof and waterproof, and can be installed on various brands of pump motor terminal boxes, and can be accessed in various types of sensor signal. Featuring simple operation, good reliability, low noise and high performance, the system is equipped with dual independent RS485 interface, independent RTC, can achieve multi-pump control for both the main and auxiliary pumps; when the main machine controls the auxiliary machine through RS485, communication with other smart device or host computer can be achieved through another RS485.
PDG10 Smart Pump Drive
The PDG10 Series Smart Pump Drive is a multi-purpose water pump speed control product independently developed by SAJ. It is installed in the electric control cabinet and can be connected to various senor signals such as pressure sensors, remote pressure gauges and pressure switches. The system is simple in operation, high in reliability, low in noise, and cost-effective. Each pump is equipped with a pump drive, which can realize multi-pump smart on-line operation.
8200B Smart Pump Drive
8200B Smart Pump Drive, with high IP54 protection level (dust and waterproof). Adapt to a variety of sensor signals, such as pressure sensors, remote pressure gauges, pressure switches, etc., specified to pump control. It’s characterized with easy installation, simple operation, stable operation, low noise, high reliability, superior cost performance, and can also automatically switch communication between multiple pumps.
8100 Series Smart Pump Inverter
8000 b series enhanced frequency converter is in the 8000 general inverter products of the company, on the basis of optimization and launch a new product, its overall performance is a huge leap, general machinery of high performance speed control become the preferred product. The 8000B frequency converter is suitable for the situation of heavy load and quick response, except for the conventional fan and pump.
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