Solar Pump Controller
PDS33 Solar Pump Controller
PDS33 Solar Pump Controller adopts a new hardware technology platform and uses the MPPT algorithm to maximize the conversion efficiency of the equipment. The output AC can be applied to various constant water pumps; DC and AC input are supported. When there is no solar energy, the controller can be switched to a single-phase or three-phase AC input such as a generator or mains power. The PDS33 solar pump controller provides a remote monitoring solution that can remotely monitor various operating data and operational fault information of the equipment.
GPRS Data Acquisition Module
The GPRS data acquisition module is applicable to solar pump monitoring system, mainly to facilitate the user to monitor the operation status of the remote water supply equipment. It does not require personnel to be on duty at the scene, with functions such as saving operating costs, realizing intelligent control of equipment operation, remote start-stop, parameter monitoring and fault reminding.
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