Smart Control
[A-curtain] SC02-2D1A Smart ControlBox
Inspired by blinds,creating an artistic concept of exploration Open the windows of the world and go to the global stage UL certification protects us
[N-sound] SC01-3D2A Smart ControlBox
Simle and feminine style,focus on creating a modern office concept Can support three-motor drive,reduce costs,save space Unique appearance,each line forms a note with the center smooth surface A sense of jump to give you visual and enjoyment
[O-Prime] SC01-1D4A control box
Taking honeycomb as the source of inspiration for exterior desin, it creates a combination of nature and technology Integration of the same series of product experience and technology, covering all functions Wide application range, with competitive price
[Moon-S]SH02-DBK Smart Handset
Monthly and shadow,there will be a shadow of the month.First-rate touch gives you the most novel experience. Integrated modeling,stronger sense of technology The contour of the arc,excellent waterproof,safe and reliable The most convenient way to achieve blind operation, let you work without distraction
[Star-B]SH01-DBK Smark Handset
This product is connected to a smart control box to provide a high degree of control over the sit to stand desk
[Sun-S]SH01-UBK Smark Handset
This product is connected with the intelligent control box to control the height of the sit to stand desk. It can display the height digitally. In addition, it provides three memory locations to facilitate the customer to adjust the height as per their own needs just by one key.
[S-ark] SC01-2D1A Smark Control Box
This product is the core control part of the intelligent sit to stand desk, which can control the synchronous lifting of four legs or each respectively, compatible with different voltage levels in different countries, and output 24VDC uniformly for motor drive. It can help office desk to lift at an average speed with an optimum effect.
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