With models ranging from 0.7kW to 20kW, R5 Series Rooftop Solar Inverter has adopted a cutting edge aesthetic industry design. Adopting natural heat dissipation, quiet operation of this series shapes a better user experience. High efficiency and intellegent energy management help improving power generation of solar systems and further user's payback of PV system investment.
Product features
PV arc fault detection,Lightning protection
Low standby consumption,High efficiency, high yield
Bluetooth APP connection,All data at real time
Quiet generation,No noise pollution
Die casting case cover,Beatiful & reliable
GPS positioning,Easy O&M
Intelligent & Grid-friendly,Active response to grid dispatch
Application case
R5-10K-T2 &R5-8K-T2 Sydney
R5-10K-T2 Sydney
R5-10K-T2 NSW
Resource download
File Name Resource Type Belonged products Date Options
R5-3_20K-T2-AUS User Manual V0.0 User's instructions R5-3~20K-T2-AUS 2020-07-31 Download
EN50549 R5 13-20K 3ph-PL Product certificate R5-3~20K-T2-AUS 2020-06-05 Download
CE Certification - 2014-35 R5 3k-10k 3ph-PL Product certificate R5-3~20K-T2-AUS 2020-06-05 Download
R5-3-20K-T2-AUS- Catalogue-2020-05-27 Brochures R5-3~20K-T2-AUS 2020-06-04 Download
SAJ Warranty Australia Product certificate R5-3~20K-T2-AUS 2020-04-21 Download
R5-3~10K-T2-AUS Addendum SAA193103 Product certificate R5-3~20K-T2-AUS 2020-01-03 Download

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