Suntrio TL12K/15K/17K/20K three-phase grid-connected inverter adopts advanced non-transformer topology, and the maximum conversion efficiency is as high as 98.1%. The multi-channel MPPT design improves the system's power generation and system installation flexibility. Stainless steel housing and IP65 protection grade ensures long-term indoor and outdoor use. Rating of those inverters is in the range of megawatts, ideal for use in commercial systems in the MW class.
Product features
leading technology
maximum efficiency 98.1%
the MPPT efficiency is as high as 99.9%
Germany VDE - AR - N 4105 the latest standard
user friendly
5 inches LCD display
SAJ embedded Web Server, simple and easy to realize the local monitor
easy to install
integrated security rules and interconnection standards
a variety of communication interface, RS485 / Ethernet/wi-fi
wide range input dc voltage
IP65 protection grade, suitable for indoor and outdoor Ann
Product parameters
Input (DC) Output (AC) Efficiency Protection Interface General Data
Max. DC Power [W]:12500 / 15600 / 17700 / 20600
Max. DC Voltage [V]:1000
MPPT Voltage Range [V]:380-800 / 400-800 / 460-800
Nominal DC Voltage [V]:600
Start Voltage [V]:300
Min. DC Voltage [V]:200
Max. DC Input Current PV1 / PV2 [A]:18/18/ 22/22
Number of MPPT:2
Number of DC Connection Sets per MPPT:2 / 3
DC Switch:Integrated
Application case
240kW PV and fishery complementary project
3MW rooftop power plant in Jiaxing
1.25MW industrial rooftop power plant in Haiyan
Resource download
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Suntrio-TL12-20K User Manual User's instructions Suntrio-TL12-20KDownload

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