A1 Series AC Coupled Inverters are applied for energy storage reconstruction, making up of energy storage system together with single phase solar inverters. In daytime, extra power of the PV system could be stored into the battery through the AC coupler. Users could set different working modes to control charging and discharging of the battery as per their demand, to attain the goal of peak shaving and valley filling and improving power generating and using efficiency at the same time. Both lead-acid battery and lithium battery are compatible in the inverters, to provide uninterrupted power supply for loading equipment at key moments.
Product features
Lead acid & lithium battery compatible,Sufficient UPS backup
Precise reverse flow prevention,Adjustable self-consumption ratio
Die-casting case design,Safer and more reliable
Compatible with on-grid system,Easy PV-storage retrofits
Product parameters
AC parameters (grid-connected) AC parameters (off-network) Battery Data Protection Certificates and standards General Data
Model: A1-3K-OS
Max. AC Power [VA]: 3000
Max. AC Current[A]: 13.1
Nominal AC voltage[V]: 230
Grid Grid frequency[HZ]: 50/60
AC voltage range[V]: 180-270
Grid frequency range[HZ]: 44-55/54-66
Overload protection: 1.5*Pnom:10S;1.2*Pnom:30S
Application case
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