[S-ark] SC01-2D1A Smark Control Box

This product is the core control part of the intelligent sit to stand desk, which can control the synchronous lifting of four legs or each respectively, compatible with different voltage levels in different countries, and output 24VDC uniformly for motor drive. It can help office desk to lift at an average speed with an optimum effect.
Product features
Core process technology
PWM precise control
Synchronous control
Position memory
Cloud intelligent control
Safety protection
PWM control advantages
Lifting & falling can be opened or closed at the same time
Adjust height accurately
Synchronous drive
Product parameters
Technical parameter
Input voltage: 110—230 VAC
Output voltage: 24 VDC
Maximum power: 280 W(Maximum load120kg)
Use frequency: Elastic working time, motor temperature 50 c or higher, the motor stop working
Overload protection: Quick break
Standby power: 0.1W
Application case
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