R5 residential solar inverter looks beautiful. All models ranging from 0.7kW to 20kW are comfortable & noiseless, with natural heat dissipation. Intelligent operation and maintenance method has greatly improved power generation of the system, guaranteeing the owners' income.
Product features
Lightning protection & High precision leakage monitoring
Die-casting case cover & Beautiful & reliable
Low standby consumption & High efficiency, high yield
Bluetooth APP connection & All data at real time
Remote Maintenance & Remote Configuration
Quiet generation & No noise pollution
Intelligent & Grid-friendly & Active response to grid dispatch
Product parameters
Input (DC) Output (AC) Efficiency Protection Interface General Data
Model: R5-3k/3.6k/4k/5k/6k/7k/8K-S2 & R5-5k/6K-S2-3-AUS
Recommended accessed max.DC power[W]: 3630/4420/4840/6050/7200/8470/9600
Max. DC Voltag[V]: 600
MPPT Voltage range [V]: 90-550
Nominal DC Voltage[V]: 360
Start Voltage[V]: 100
Min. DC Voltage[V]: 80
Max. DC Input Current PV1/PV2 [A]: 12.5/12.5 25/12.5
Number of DC Connection Sets per MPPT: 1/1 2/1
Number of MPPT: 2
DC Switch: Integrated
Application case
R5 residential inverter won PV Inverter for Home Use AQM Award 2018
Resource download
File Name Resource Type Belonged products Date Options
R5-8K-S2 SAA Certificate Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2020-01-03 Download
R5-3~8K-S2 RD1669 UNE206006,206007 Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2020-01-03 Download
R5-3~8K-S2_EN 50549-1 Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2019-12-30 Download
R5-0.7~3K-S1 & R5-3~8K-S2 user manual User's instructions R5-3~8K-S2 2019-12-17 Download
R5-3~8K-S2 Catalogue Brochures R5-3~8K-S2 2019-12-17 Download
SAA Certificate R5-3~8K-S2 Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2019-12-12 Download
SAJ Warranty Policy in Australia(Attachment) Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2019-12-12 Download

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