R5-3~8K-S2 & R5-5~6K-S2-3-AUS

With models ranging from 0.7kW to 20kW, R5 Series Rooftop Solar Inverter has adopted a cutting edge aesthetic industry design. Adopting natural heat dissipation, quiet operation of this series shapes a better user experience. High efficiency and intellegent energy management help improving power generation of solar systems and further user's payback of PV system investment.
Product features
Lightning protection & High precision leakage monitoring
Die-casting case cover & Beautiful & reliable
Low standby consumption & High efficiency, high yield
4G monitoring + data plan & Plug & play solution
Remote maintenance & Remote configuration
Quiet generation & No noise pollution
Intelligent & grid-friendly & Active response to grid dispatch
Application case
R5-5K-S2 Melbourne
R5-5K-S2 Australia
R5-5K-S2 Melbourne
Resource download
File Name Resource Type Belonged products Date Options
R5-3_8K-S2-AUS User Manual V0.0 User's instructions R5-3~8K-S2 & R5-5~6K-S2-3-AUS 2020-07-31 Download
CE Certification - 2014-35 R5 13K -20K 3ph-PL Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 & R5-5~6K-S2-3-AUS 2020-06-05 Download
R5-3-8K-S2-AUS-2020-05-27 Catalogue Brochures R5-3~8K-S2 & R5-5~6K-S2-3-AUS 2020-06-04 Download
SAA Certificate R5-3~8K-S2 Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 & R5-5~6K-S2-3-AUS 2019-12-17 Download
5+5 Years Warranty in Australia--R5 Series Single Phase Inverter Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 & R5-5~6K-S2-3-AUS 2019-12-17 Download
Rheinland certification of R5-3~8K-S2 Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 & R5-5~6K-S2-3-AUS 2019-12-17 Download

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