PDM20 Smart Pump Drive

PDM20 Smart Pump Drive Series product is a kind of integrated frequency controller suitable for all kinds of small single pump constant pressure water supply devices. Compact and delicate, the volume is only 45% of that of other series with the same specifications; IP65 protection, dustproof and waterproof; can be installed directly on the pump motor. It’s characterized with perfect single pump control function, easy operation, high reliability and good quality.
Product features
Perfect matched small three-phase horizontal booster pumps
Smallest pump specified inverter controller globally
Directly mounted on the motor, doesn’t need control cabinet
Exquisite design
Streamlined curve design
Hidden fan design, more beautiful appearance
More reliable and trustable
IP65 protection, waterproof and dustproof
Unique cooling air duct, to achieve excellent heat dissipation performance
Controllable fan design to extend service life
Water supply device is more applicable
Pressure increase & stabilize, power-on & reset, water shortage protection & auto recovery
Quick pressure setting, fast parameter view
Single-phase 220VAC input for easier application
Product parameters
Control characteristic Input/output Peripheral interface Basic functions Pump control Water supply protection Application environment
Control mode: V/F control
Start torque: 1Hz 100%
Speed regulation range: 1:20
Overload capability: 120% rated current for 60s, 150% rated current for 1s
V/F curve: Linear
Acceleration/deceleration curve: Linear; time range: 0.1-3600s
Application case
Life water supply in Tangwei Wanli School in Shenzhen
Dongguan Gele Oriental Electronics Co., Ltd. – Electrostatic eliminating and humidifying system
Foshan luxury villa air energy compression system
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