PDS23 reports E002 during the operation ?
Output phase fault E013(8000B、ATV13)、Err13(VM1000)
Overvoltage failure E006/E008(8000B、ATV13)、Err06/Err07(VM1000)
The feedback pressure shown by the pump inverter is inconsistent with the display pressure of the pressure gauge. ?
In the multi state state, the rotation interval parameter is set well. Why does the machine do not rotate according to time?
Why after starting the pump frequency converter, the frequency converter reported E024 (PID feedback broken line fault)?
PDS23 reports E009 during the operation ?
PDS23 power shows "Lou", "FULL" ?
Input phase fault E012(8000B、ATV13)、Err12(VM1000)
In the multi - online state, why are the second starts at each start?
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