How could we benefit from solar energy more effectively? Here is an example of a 450kW rooftop project of Jingdong warehouse with R5 Rooftop Solar Inverter in China. 


Jingdong is one of the largest e-commercial platforms in China and provides a wide range of products covering every aspect of customers’ life. To guarantee the freshness of products like food, the freezer of Jingdong's warehouse keeps running in a non-stop way. And leave alone the busy product distribution and transportation systems! With PV solar system, the warehouse can effectively reduce the cost of electricity billing and increase its operating profits. 

This project has deployed 37 pcs of R5-12K-T2 and is estimated to generate 532800kWh of electricity annually. With nearly 0.156 US$/kWh of electricity fee in the local area, this project is estimated to save around 83116.8 US dollars per year. 

R5 Rooftop Solar Inverter, installed in this project, is designed for residential and small & medium-scaled commercial solar systems. It comprises single-phase and three-phase models while three-phase models are from 4kW to 20kW. 


As applied in the rooftop PV sector, R5 inverters contain a series of protection measures to guarantee safe operation, such as standard AC & DC lightning & surge protection, high-precision leaking current detection & protection, an advanced harmonic algorithm to guarantee a less than 2% total harmonic distortion rate. Safety is the top priority among all the designs, particularly when this warehouse is in a region of thunderstorms. The project has run safely and stably since its installation in 2019. This also attributes to R5’s die-casting modeling, which makes it have better heat dissipation performance and hence featured with high stability and reliability. A without-external fan design of this inverter also keeps its operation at a very low noise level, which helps customers to have a better user experience.

Now working with eSolar Portal, a cloud platform developed by SAJ for remote maintenance, data monitoring and energy management, R5 inverters also support 24H load monitoring and zero export solutions for customers to make energy management. Users can check and master their PV system anytime anywhere.