PD20 Smart Pump Drive

PD20 Smart Pump Drive Series is a new generation of high-end intelligent integrated ultra-high protection water supply special products independently researched & developed by SAJ. The product body is dustproof and waterproof, and can be installed on various brands of pump motor terminal boxes, and can be accessed in various types of sensor signal. Featuring simple operation, good reliability, low noise and high performance, the system is equipped with dual independent RS485 interface, independent RTC, can achieve multi-pump control for both the main and auxiliary pumps; when the main machine controls the auxiliary machine through RS485, communication with other smart device or host computer can be achieved through another RS485.
Product features
Superior protection grade
Excellent dust and water resistance effect
Fine joints, light and stable
Design as per standard international certification requirements
CE certification, export in package
Improved water supply function
Dual 485, applicable for monitoring + connection
RTC function, to support timed programmable application
Fully enhance the special functions of the pump
European appearance design concept
Delicately designed to show quality
Accurate manufacturing, trustworthy
Product parameters
Control characteristic Input/output and I/O Peripheral interface Basic functions Pump control Water supply protection Application environment
Control mode: V/Fcontrol
Start torque: 1Hz 100%
Speed regulation range: 1:20
speed-holding precision: ±1.0%
Overload capability: 120% rated current for 60s, 150% rated current for 1s
V/F curve: Linear, squared curve
Acceleration/deceleration time: Range: 0.1-800s
Application case
A power supply system on a mountain & lake construction site in Sanya
Water supply in construction site of No. 1 Anxi Academy, built by the 5th construction agency
Resource download
File Name Resource Type Belonged products Date Options
PD20 Smart Pro Pump Drive User Manual V04-1912 User's instructions PD20 Smart Pump Drive 2019-12-10 Download
SAJ Smart Pump Drive Catalogue-201910 Brochures PD20 Smart Pump Drive 2019-12-06 Download
PD20 CE Certificate Product certificate PD20 Smart Pump Drive 2018-03-15 Download

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