[N-sound] SC01-3D2A Smart ControlBox

Simle and feminine style,focus on creating a modern office concept Can support three-motor drive,reduce costs,save space Unique appearance,each line forms a note with the center smooth surface A sense of jump to give you visual and enjoyment
Product features
Core process technology
PWM precise control
Synchronous control
Position memory
Cloud intelligent control
Safety protection
PWM control advantages
Lifting & falling can be opened or closed at the same time
Adjust height accurately
Synchronous drive
Product parameters
Technical parameter
Input Voltage: 100-240VAC,50Hz/60Hz,Max3A
Max Output Vo: 30VDC,Max4A
Number of Actuators: 1-3
Duty Cycle: 10%,max.2minON/18minOFF
Application case
Resource download
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SAJ CONTROL SYSTEM Brochures [N-sound] SC01-3D2A Smart ControlBox 2018-07-12 Download
Control Box ICBOX10-UL FCC SDOCCerificate Product certificate [N-sound] SC01-3D2A Smart ControlBox 2018-06-08 Download
Control Box CE Certificate Product certificate [N-sound] SC01-3D2A Smart ControlBox 2018-06-08 Download

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