AS1-3KS-5.1,a new type of AC coupled energy storage system, is used in energy storage retrofits . The built-in lithium battery inside AS1 can be expanded in capacity according to user demands, and the modular design of the slave device makes it easy to install wiring.
Product features
Quick storage retrofit on existing PV plants
Compatible with all inverter brands
Built-in 5.1kWh lithium battery (extendable)
With UPS function, switch time ≤ 10ms
Easy setting of various working modes
Application case
Resource download
File Name Resource Type Belonged products Date Options
SAJ Storage Solar Products Brochure-2021-4-25 Brochures AS1-3KS-5.1 2021-04-26 Download
AS1 Series User Manual Brochures AS1-3KS-5.1 2021-02-04 Download
AS1 Series datasheet -2021-02-04-S Brochures AS1-3KS-5.1 2021-02-04 Download
Italian certification-AS1-3KS-5.1 CEI 0-21 CERT Product certificate AS1-3KS-5.1 2020-08-03 Download
B1-5.1-48 Product Catalogue Brochures AS1-3KS-5.1 2020-04-16 Download
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