PDS23 Plus Solar Pump Controller

In order to meet the water supply requirements in remote and power-shortage areas, the PDS23 Plus solar water pump controller has emerged. The PDS23 Plus solar pump controller uses MPPT and proven motor drive technology to maximize the output power of solar modules. This series of products are of IP65 protection grade and can be directly installed outdoors. DC and AC input are supported. When there is no light or very weak light, the controller can be switched to standby three-phase power supply such as generator or battery. This series of controllers provides a variety of fault detection, motor soft start and speed remote monitoring function and it’s easy to install and ready to use upon installation.
Product features
is compatible with IEC standard three-phase asynchronous motor
compatible with the mainstream of photovoltaic array
degree of protection IP65, can be installed in the outdoor and external ac/dc switch box, can switch to the mains (manual/automatic)
adaptive maximum power tracking technology, improve the efficiency of solar energy utilization, efficiency is as high as 99%
automatic adjustment of water
adaptive motor power
advanced motor and pump drive technology, 10 years experience in application market
soft start function to prevent water hammer effect, extend the life of the system
built-in intelligent IGBT module, simplify system design and reduce the circuit board space, simplify production process
built-in dc the counter-attack, overvoltage and overheating and dry turn protection
selects high quality outdoor materials, excellent performance of heat dissipation structure design, improve the system reliability
Product parameters
The input parameters Backup alternator Output parameters To protect the communication Conventional parameters
Pv array input:
Maximum input voltage(Voc): 800V DC
Minimum input voltage(Voc): 350V DC
Recommend MPPT voltage range(Vmp): 500 ~700V DC
Recommended pv array power range[kW]: 2.7~3.5 / 4.8~6.4 / 6.6~8.8 / 9.0~12.0 / 13.2~17.6
Application case
Solar pumping system in Diaolai Village, Baoting, Hainan
Solar Water Pumping System in Yanshuai, Cangyuan, Lincang City, Yunnan
Resource download
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PDS23 Plus Solar Pumping System User Manual User's instructions PDS23 Plus Solar Pump Controller 2018-08-23 Download
PDS23 Plus CE Certificate Product certificate PDS23 Plus Solar Pump Controller 2018-03-15 Download

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