GPRS Data Acquisition Module

The GPRS data acquisition module is applicable to solar pump monitoring system, mainly to facilitate the user to monitor the operation status of the remote water supply equipment. It does not require personnel to be on duty at the scene, with functions such as saving operating costs, realizing intelligent control of equipment operation, remote start-stop, parameter monitoring and fault reminding.
Product features
Stable & reliable communication, existing three carriers are applicable
External extended installation such as defection replaceable, simple to maintain & convenient
Support remote control, data monitoring, fault alarm prompt functions
24 v power input, low power, easy to use
Monitoring platform on computers & phones can realize real-time monitoring
Product parameters
General parameter Electrical parameter Environment Other
Number of connected inverters ( units ): 1
Controller interface: RS485
Telecommunication interface: GPRS
Wireless operating frequency ( MHz ): 850/900/1800/1900
Radio transmission power: Class 4(2W) GSM850、EGSM900/Class 1(1W) DCS1800、PCS1900
Data acquisition interval ( minutes ): 1 ~ 30 ( optional ), 10 ( default )
Data access mode: Remote server
status display: 3*LED
Application case
Resource download
File Name Resource Type Belonged products Date Options
SAJ Solar Pumping System Catalogue Brochures GPRS Data Acquisition Module 2019-08-05 Download
PDS-GPRS Quick Installation Manual V0.0 2019 User's instructions GPRS Data Acquisition Module 2019-07-22 Download
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