8100 Series Smart Pump Inverter

8100 series smart water pump frequency converter is a multi-purpose water pump speed control product independently developed by SAJ. It’s installed in the electric control cabinet and can be connected to various sensor signals such as pressure sensor, remote pressure gauge and pressure switch. The system is simple to operate, with high reliability and low noise, and cost-effective. Each pump is equipped with a variable frequency controller, which can realize multi-pump intelligent online operation.
Product features
American TI company DSP and Germany IGBT module
Built-in high-performance motor control algorithm,running without overheating
Integrated water pump for energy saving strategy, AVR optimal pump running
Convenient & practical water supply special design
Single pump constant pressure water supply,energy saving 10%-50%
Online water supply pump, realizing automatic control & balanced work
No PLC, easy to debug
Night sleep function
Shortcut by pressure setting key
Automatic stop, protecting pump water shortage
High pressure automatic stop, protecting network
Product parameters
Control characteristic Input - output characteristic Peripheral interface characteristic Basic functional characteristics Application environment
Pull-in torque: 0.5Hz 100%
Speed regulation range: 1:100
Speed stabilization accuracy: ±1.0%
overload capacity: 150 % rated current 60 s; 180 % rated current 1s
Acceleration / deceleration time: Acceleration and deceleration time range: 0.1 - 3600s
Application case
Reconstruction site water system in Guangzhou Steel City
Water supply system in a vocational and technical college in Fos
Resource download
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8100 smart pump drive user manual V1.00 User's instructions 8100 Series Smart Pump Inverter 2019-07-26 Download

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