PDG10 Smart Pump Drive

The PDG10 Series Smart Pump Drive is a multi-purpose water pump speed control product independently developed by SAJ. It is installed in the electric control cabinet and can be connected to various senor signals such as pressure sensors, remote pressure gauges and pressure switches. The system is simple in operation, high in reliability, low in noise, and cost-effective. Each pump is equipped with a pump drive, which can realize multi-pump smart on-line operation.
Product features
Two-way communication, strong expansibility
Standard dual RS485, on-line monitoring of balance
Standard dual relay,one-drive-two rotation work
Standard dual analog, current voltage change at random
More pumps online,could be adjusted by anyone
Online wiring simple, up to 6 units
One-key pressure setting, simple macro parameters tuning
Exclusive water supply function
Single/multi point pressure detection, more accurate & efficient
Special control: dormancy, leaking, automatic recovery
Special protection: lack of water, antifreeze, high and low pressure alarm
Broad applicability
Universal product design
Wide range of 0.75 ~ 400 kW power
Open panel control function, fan pump is available
No negative pressure water supply system
Secondary pressure water supply system
Water treatment, circulating water system
Air conditioning hot and cold water systems
Product parameters
Control characteristic Input/output Peripheral interface Basic functions Application environment
Starting torque: 0.5Hz 100%
Speed adjustable range: 1:100
speed-holding precision: ±1.0%
Overload capability: 150% rated current for 60s; 180% rated current for 1s
Acceleration/deceleration time: Range: 0.01 ~ 360s
Application case
Resource download
File Name Resource Type Belonged products Date Options
PDG10 Smart Pump Drive User Manual-2020 User's instructions PDG10 Smart Pump Drive 2020-03-23 Download
SAJ Smart Pump Drive Catalogue-201910 Brochures PDG10 Smart Pump Drive 2019-12-06 Download
PDG10 CE Certificate Product certificate PDG10 Smart Pump Drive 2018-03-15 Download

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