R5-3~8K-S2 is a single-phase on-grid solar inverter of two MPPT. It is designed for residential solar system in rooftop PV sector, helping customers enjoy solar energy comfortably and efficiently. High efficiency and reliability of this inverter guarantee a better user experience. Adopting a die-casting casing design, R5-3~8K-S2 gives better heat dissipating performance. Its maximum efficiency reaches 98.3%. R5-3~8K-S2inverter is also featured with 1.1 times overload(except for R5-6K-S2 and R5-8K-S2) and 1.5 times of DC input, which increase power generation of the solar system. A without-external-fan design keeps this inverter operating in a low noise level, providing a comfortable user experience.
Product features
Lightning protection & High precision leakage monitoring
Die-casting case cover & Beautiful & reliable
Low standby consumption & High efficiency, high yield
APP Connection: All data at real time
Remote Maintenance & Remote Configuration
Quiet Operation & No noise pollution
Intelligent & Grid-friendly & Active response to grid dispatch
High reliability, relay redundancy design
Application case
R5-8K-S2 Mexico
R5-8K-S2 Mexico
R5-5K-S2 Australia
Resource download
File Name Resource Type Belonged products Date Options
R5-0.7_8K-S1_S2 User Manual V1.2 User's instructions R5-3~8K-S2 2021-05-24 Download
SAJ On-grid Solar Product Brochure-2021-4-15 Brochures R5-3~8K-S2 2021-04-26 Download
SAJ 5+5 Warranty Program_Brazil_2021 User's instructions R5-3~8K-S2 2021-03-12 Download
Plant Sharing Instruction User's instructions R5-3~8K-S2 2020-11-12 Download
Belgium R5-0.7_8K-S1_S2 User Manual V1.2 En User's instructions R5-3~8K-S2 2020-09-11 Download
Belgium R5-3-8K-S2 Catalogue-2020-09-11 En Brochures R5-3~8K-S2 2020-09-11 Download
Italian certification-R5-3K_3.6K_4K_5K_6K_7K_8K-S2 CEI0-21 CERT Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2020-08-03 Download
French certification-French version R5-3K_3.6K_4K_5K_6K_7K_8K-S2 Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2020-08-03 Download
Belgian certification-R5-3K_3.6K_4K_5K_6K_7K_8K-S2 Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2020-08-03 Download
R5-0.7_8K-S1_S2 User Manual V1.2 User's instructions R5-3~8K-S2 2020-07-31 Download
R5-3~8K-S2-Catalogue-2020-07-21 Brochures R5-3~8K-S2 2020-07-21 Download
Spain R5-(0.7-1-1.5-2-2.5-3)K-S1_RD1669 UNE206006,206007_Certification Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2020-06-16 Download
EN50549 R5 3K-8K 1ph-PL Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2020-06-05 Download
CE Certification - 2014-35 R5 3k-8k 1ph-PL Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2020-06-05 Download
R5-3~8K-S2 PL Catalogue Brochures R5-3~8K-S2 2020-06-02 Download
R5-(3-8)K-S2 IEC62116 IEC62717 Certificate  Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2020-05-07 Download
R5-8K-S2 SAA Certificate Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2020-01-03 Download
R5-3~8K-S2 RD1669 UNE206006,206007 Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2020-01-03 Download
R5-3~8K-S2_EN 50549-1- EN Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2019-12-30 Download
SAA Certificate R5-3~8K-S2 Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2019-12-12 Download
SAJ Warranty Policy in Australia(Attachment) Product certificate R5-3~8K-S2 2019-12-12 Download

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