8000B Series General Purpose VFD ≥11kW

8000B series improved general purpose VFD is a set of new products with optimization based on 8000 series. Its performance has been greatly improved and become the best selection for mechanical performance speed controlling. This series of products is not only applicable to regular fans and pumps, but also applicable to the occasions with heavy load and fast response requirements.
Product features
Flexible & practical
Rich practical function on terminals
Built-in PID regulator, industry application
RS485 communication, standard Modbus protocol
Cooling fan could realize intelligent control
Integrated structure design, simple to install
Strong performance, non-inductive vector control & V/F control
0.5 Hz low frequency with large torque output of 150%
150% overload for 1 minute, more reliable
Accurate motor parameter identification, convenient debugging
As many as 27 items of fault detection & protection
High standardized hardware configuration, long life span
+ / - 15% wide voltage input design, strong adaptability
Automatic protective paint spraying
More than 500000 sets of application verification, trustworthy
Product parameters
control characteristic Output - input characteristic Peripheral interface characteristic Basic functional characteristics Industry application function Personalized function Use environment
Control mode: Speed sensorless vector control ( SVC ) / v / f control
pull-in torque: 0.5Hz/150% / 0.5Hz/100%
Speed stabilization accuracy: ±0.5% / ±1.0%
overload capacity: Type g machine: 150 % rated current 60s; 180 % rated current 1s p machine: 120 % rated current 60s; 150 % rated current 1s
V/F Curve: Linear, square, multipoint
Dc braking capacity: Braking action current: 0 - 150 % rated current ( type g ), 0 - 100 % rated current ( type p ) braking action time: 0.0 - 50.0 s
Inching running: Inching frequency range: 0.00-maximum frequency; inching acceleration and deceleration time range: 0.1-3600S
Inching operation: Inching frequency range: 0.00 Hz ~ maximum frequency; Inching acceleration and deceleration time range: 0.1 ~ 3600s
Acceleration - deceleration curve: Two kinds: linear or s curve acceleration and deceleration mode; Acceleration and deceleration time range 0.1 ~ 3600s
Torque boost: Manual: 0.1 % ~ 30.0 %; Auto: 0.0
Application case
Application of 8000B on fire inspection pump
Application of 8000B in crude oil extraction
Application of 8000B on traditional chemical equipment disperser
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