H1-3~6K-S2 energy storage inverters are used in residential PV energy storage systems, with peak-cutting and valley-filling functions to maximize the use of PV power generation while achieving the goal of saving residential electricity bills. In addition, different working modes can be set as per different customer needs. And they can provide uninterrupted power for important load devices with a back-up power supply.
Product features
With UPS function, switch time ≤ 10ms
DC 12.5A, matches glass-glass modules
Easy setting of smart working modes
100A charge current
Comfortable & noiseless
Application case
H1 5K Hybrid PV Solar Inverter in Philippines
H1 5K Hybrid PV Solar Inverter in Vietnam
H1 4K Hybrid PV Solar Inverter, complementary type used in fishing field in Nansha District, Guangzhou
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SAJ Storage Solar Products Brochure Brochures H1-3~6K-S2 2021-04-26 Download
H1-3~6K-S2 Catalogue-2021-01-26 Brochures H1-3~6K-S2 2021-01-28 Download
Plant Sharing Instruction User's instructions H1-3~6K-S2 2020-11-12 Download
French certification-H1-3K,3.6K,4K,4.6K,5K,6K-S2 Product certificate H1-3~6K-S2 2020-08-03 Download
Spain H1-(3-3.6-4-5-6)K-S2 RD1669 UNE206006,206007_Certification Product certificate H1-3~6K-S2 2020-06-16 Download

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