Circulating cooling water system

Product details The circulating cooling water system is one of the most common processes in industry
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The circulating cooling water system is one of the most common processes in industry.It is a cooling water system using water as cooling medium and recycling. It is used to quickly discharge a large amount of heat produced in the industrial production. According to statistics,cooling water accounts for about 70% of the industrial water consumption, so the circulating cooling water system has the effect of saving a lot of industrial water. What is more,with controllable process, it will be more energy-saving and reliable than the no cycle DC system.

The circulating cooling water system mainly consists of heat exchange device, cooling device, pump and pipe network. It can be divided into two categories, open and closed systems.The transmission and process control of circulating cooling water system is combined together:
1. Steady and reliable, long-term operation without interruption;
2. Continuous adjustment and timely and accurate adjustment to temperature and flow;
3. Self-adaptivecontrol over the number of running sets according to process flow requirements.


SAJ electric smart pump drivesare advanced products with professional control and transmission combination,to meet the long-term stable and reliable operation requirements of water system. The built-in enhanced PID regulator can meet any continuous process control, used to adjust not only the pressurebut also the temperature. Solutionsintegrated with single pump operation, multi-pump connection control and power frequency and variable frequency switch can fully realize applications from the simplest maintenance free multi-pumpconnection to high-end built-in switching device without an external control unit, such as PLC etc, thus improving the system reliability.


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