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PDS33 Solar Pump Controller

PDS33 Solar Pump Controller adopts a new hardware technology platform and uses the MPPT algorithm to maximize the conversion efficiency of the equipment. The output AC can be applied to various constant water pumps; DC and AC input are supported. When there is no solar energy, the controller can be switched to a single-phase or three-phase AC input such as a generator or mains power. The PDS33 solar pump controller provides a remote monitoring solution that can remotely monitor various operating data and operational fault information of the equipment.

PD20 Smart Pump Drive

PD20 Smart Pump Drive Series is a new generation of high-end intelligent integrated ultra-high protection water supply special products independently researched & developed by SAJ. The product body is dustproof and waterproof, and can be installed on various brands of pump motor terminal boxes, and can be accessed in various types of sensor signal. Featuring simple operation, good reliability, low noise and high performance, the system is equipped with dual independent RS485 interface, independent RTC, can achieve multi-pump control for both the main and auxiliary pumps; when the main machine controls the auxiliary machine through RS485, communication with other smart device or host computer can be achieved through another RS485.

8000B Series General Purpose VFD 0.75—2.2KW、4—7.5KW

8000B series improved general purpose VFD is a set of new products with optimization based on 8000 series. Its performance has been greatly improved and become the best selection for mechanical performance speed controlling. This series of products is not only applicable to regular fans and pumps, but also applicable to the occasions with heavy load and fast response requirements.

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